Bob Templeton


Zonda Education

As the son of retired school Superintendents, Bob Templeton learned early to value the role public education plays in the lives of families and kids.  

After graduating from Abilene Christian University, he realized he shared his parents’ desire to have an impact on public education.  

As Coordinator of Demographics and Planning for Keller ISD in 1997, Bob saw the value of enrollment forecasting, attendance zone planning, and impacts of housing growth, to better prepare a district for their future.This new path of demographics in the education industry led him to expand his mission to school districts everywhere, henceforth to the establishment of Templeton Demographics, LLC in 2006.  

From day one, Templeton Demographics has been on a mission to continually improve and provide accurate and timely data combined with outstanding consulting services. In April of 2017, the fusion of school demographics with unparalleled housing data brought Templeton Demographics and Metro study together. This formation brings a whole new look at how the impact of housing influences decisions made now and in the future for education across the nation.    

In January 2021, rebranding all segments to Zonda Intelligence began. We are now the Education Segment known as Zonda Education. Excellent housing data combined with outstanding school demographics is the new future for school demographics.  

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