Brock Smethills


Sterling Ranch 

Brock Smethills has  been  president  of  Sterling  Ranch  since  2019.  Since that time, Sterling  Ranch  has sold over 1,500 additional lots to homebuilders and multi-family developers while Sterling Ranch has grown into the preeminent master planned community in the region. Sterling Ranch currently has over 1,700  homes  sold  or  occupied  and  over  9,000  residential  units still  to  come in the incredible mixed-use master plan. Brock has also been instrumental in implementing the industry-leading water demand management efforts within Sterling Ranch. This has culminated in Sterling Ranch’s average water consumption exceeding the Colorado State Water Plan’s goal for reducing the average  residential  water  consumption  by26%,and over  thirty  years ahead  of  schedule.  In addition, Brock has helped lead the renewable energy and sustainability efforts, such as the Solar Made Simple Program, and the Energy Action Plan for Sterling Ranch.

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