Ed Hadley

Executive Vice President

Walton Group of Companies

Ed Hadley is Executive Vice President of Builder Land Acquisition for WaltonGroup of Companies. Hadley’s role is focused on acquiring land withU.S. homebuilder partners using Walton’sBuilder Land Financing strategy aligning the builder’s growing interest to control future lot inventory without owning it. He works collaboratively with builders to allocate more of their capital to development and vertical construction and helps manage the ongoing trend of housing demand outpacing lot supply by delivering land inventory to meet demand. Hadley is advancing Walton’s Builder Land Financing business line to be an industry leader in land option financing and an integral part of the U.S. homebuilding and real estate industry.

With more than 22years of experience in homebuilding and the real estate industry, Hadley held various senior-level roles throughout his career including senior vice president, West Region, USA at Walton and vice president of Land Acquisition and Entitlement at William Lyon and John Laing Homes in Arizona.

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