Mark Meyer


TBG Partners 

Mark serves as Chairman of TBG’s Board of Directors, providing strategic guidance to continuously elevate all aspects of TBG’s practice and corporate culture. Mark has a particular focus on pedestrian first communities and similar projects with extensive public participation. He emphasizes a holistic approach that dually considers planning and landscape architecture, focusing on connecting people with each other as well as built and natural environments. Mark has helped create the character and feel of many of the nation’s most successful communities, and he frequently leads and helps facilitate creative planning charrettes and visioning workshops. Mark is also highly involved in professional organizations and think tank groups that study new trends and innovations in the development industry. Mark is a member of the Urban Land Institute and sits on the national Community Development Council and also is a member of the Urban Design Review Panel for the City of Dallas.

Outside of leading TBG’s Dallas office and many creative planning workshops, Mark is very involved with the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation and supports an active lifestyle in his personal and professional life. Having grown up with cystic fibrosis, Mark has a unique appreciation for the importance of active recreation; he is a lifelong runner and cherishes opportunities when traveling to run through new environments that inspire him and how he looks at cities and environment.

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